Ebi Remembrance Merch Shipping Updates

          We wanted to update you on the Remembrance Merch. As many of you know, these items were all pre-orders. We did this so that everyone who wanted Remembrance merch would be able to get what they wanted and not have to worry about their size or item selling out. The items were estimated to be completed and shipping 6-8 weeks after we closed the pre-orders. Unfortunately, with the delays from the supply chain, we are behind that schedule. Good news is some of the items are completed and the last few are almost finished with production. Completed items have started shipping out and the others should be finished and shipping in 2 weeks! Once the order ships, you will be emailed the tracking information. We apologize for the delay and are working hard to get them to you as soon as possible! If your order contains multiple items- it will ship once all the items are completed! If you have any questions- please Email Customer.service@nursespeak.com


Sandstone "You are the Plant" Hoodie
 Completed Production and Shipping! 
Meme Hoodie
 Completed Production and Shipping! 
Completed Production and Shipping! 
Sunday's are for the Plants Water bottle
Completed Production and shipping!  
Plant Emoji Cropped Hoodie
 Completed Production and Shipping!  
"You are the Plant" Hoodie
Shipping out through end of March
(We apologize for the delays, doing our best to get them out ASAP - There were a lot of orders!)
Blue "You are the Plant" Hoodie
The factory that was making the "You are the plant" hoodies (one of three we use), said they would be finished by the end of january. Once we received them we discovered they made them all wrong 😭. These items mean a lot to us and so many others, so we wanted to make sure it was fixed. Since all these were preorders, the damage product needed to be remade. We have another facility that has agreed to remake them and they are currently in the process of remaking the item for you. They estimated two-three weeks for the item to finish production. Thank you for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience! We are doing our best to get them to you. Thank you!
Once we get them to our warehouse- we will make sure they pass our quality inspection and ship them out as quickly as possible. We truly appreciate  your patience! 


Again, If your order contains multiple items- it will ship once all the items are completed!

Thank you so much for your patience and being a part of this amazing community!! 

 All items are made to order and were done as a limited drop, therefore are final sale and not eligible for return or exchange. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.